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Our Vision & Mission

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God’s passion for His global glory is our source of passion for the Gospel in the Cities.

OUR MISSION FIELD.  Read: (Why Japan?)

5.5 million people move into cities every month.  Tokyo is world’s largest Mega-city, and a major strategic global city.  There are at least 25 Unchurched Cities in Japan. 
Cities are centers of worship where people worship money, education, wealth and power.  Cities are filled with people who bear the image of God, and are loved by God.  By 2050, the world will be nearly 70% urban.   The gospel will be a light to our city.

Church Planting Churches.

  • We desire to see a non-denominational, missional church-planting-churches with a high view of Scripture and a commitment to engage contemporary Japanese culture with the gospel.
  • Since group conformity is emphasized in this culture, we want Japanese Christians to experience a diverse community of believers with a glocal vision.
  • We want to be a LOCAL & GLOBAL Grace-based, Gospel-centered, Spirit-filled, Missional church-planting-churches.
  • We desire to see Japanese people , including foreigners married to Japanese, grounded in the solid-biblical faith, while we will continue to work with whoever God brings to us.
  • Our desire is that Japanese people are equipped & established as a self-sustaining, self-governing, and multiplying church.
  • Our goal is to build a core team of 20 to 30 people and reach our community & City with the Gospel (see HERE).

We desire to see a male-Japanese-led international Church that is Gospel-centered & Grace-driven, while being relevant to both Japanese & foreigners.  “We need pastors who are not boys but are men.”  In a culture where religious freedom is enjoyed, there can also be a trite understanding of sound biblical doctrine.  In some contemporary Churches Biblical truth is often sacrificed in the name of relevance, for the sake of being relevant, in a post-modern Japan.  On the other hand, more traditional Churches (conservative in nature) can turn cold quickly with rigid legalistic demands and structures whilst becoming increasingly irrelevant to the younger generations.  Japan has a growing crisis with low birth rate, aging population and younger generations need to be reached.

We believe that contextualization is not about making the Gospel relevant, but showing the relevance of the Gospel to a lost generation.  Hence, our conviction is to see a vibrant spiritually- healthy, grace-loving & Gospel-centered Church that loves God’s Word & the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit in their day to day lives- at home, workplace and community.

Pray with us!

“I wholeheartedly commend to you our brother Joey and his wonderful wife Yisel as true servants of God upon whom the Spirit and favor of God so clearly rests.  They are like lights that God is using to pierce the darkness of Japan, and I believe that they can be used to make a real difference in this most difficult of mission fields, Japan.  They represent a beautiful and rare combination of relational warmth, theological sharpness, global perspective, passion for people and truth, and whole-hearted commitment to serving God with the whole of their lives.  Please, please consider supporting them as they lay down their lives for the Lord in Japan.”

– Michael Oh (CEO Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization)


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