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The Bridge Church Plant

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5.5 million people move into cities every month.  Tokyo is world’s largest Mega-city, and a major strategic global city.  There are at least 25 Unchurched Cities in Japan. 
Cities are centers of worship where people worship money, education, wealth and power.  Cities are filled with people who bear the image of God, and are loved by God.  By 2050, the world will be nearly 70% urban.   Therefore, cities are undeserved places for Gospel ministry.  The gospel will be a light to our city.


The Bridge Live Gathering


  • We are a 37 years old couple, currently laying foundations for a church plant.  We do this through evangelism, and building relationships.  We are in the team building phase of our plant.  But we are also gathering regularly in our home for discipleship, fellowship, Bible and life on life together with non-Christians who are growing in their understanding of the Gospel.  Our focus (though not exclusively)  is on reaching young professionals and the artists community with the Gospel.  We’re at a stage where the non-Christians are excited about bringing their friends to our house; and they in turn are also freely inviting us to their communities.
  • We are missionaries who want to be faithful both to the unchanging content of Scripture and to the changing context of culture.  The Bridge Fellowship and  THE BRIDGE Live music outreach is an expression of such, which has paved the way into University Jazz festivals.  In the last two years, we’ve outgrown our capacity by God’s grace with an influx of Jazz musicians and bands that are hearing the Gospel preached.  The Bridge Musicians Network is an expression of such.
  • We are CURRENTLY focused on building a core team with Gospel DNA and different roles to launch out into a fresh Gospel-centered worshiping Church-Plant in the near future.  We take the Gospel seriously, and we humbly ask that all our prospective team members read 2 books that we would refer to you later if you decide to join us.
  • TARGET AREA:  Shimokitazawa district (West Tokyo), is a sub-culture and an artist community which has Music Festivals every year in February.  It also has many Live Houses; and is one of the hearts of Youth Culture in Tokyo.  In a poll, when young people are asked the top three places they would like to live in–Shimokitazawa is one of them.  Besides the place is well-known for artist theaters.  It is also very convenient from major places like Shibuya station (only 8 minutes ) or from Shinjuku (about 10 minutes on the Express).  With the growing decline in birth rate, and an aging population, churches need to reach out to the youth in this nation.   We humbly invite you to pray and seriously consider how you can be a part.  Please read our theological vision, mission and core values, and fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you’d like to be part of our team.  Or visit our JOIN THE TEAM page. 


We seek to do this through:

  • Gospel proclamation and demonstration (planting seed- through Word & deed)
  • Contextualization (understanding the soil of the culture- through careful listening & learning)
  • Prayerful dependence (resting in God’s sovereignty)
  • Gospel renewal (Our desire is a thriving church – Acts 2:41-47 – a mother church that reproduces)


  • We need godly Gospel-centered people to assist us in pastoral leadership, discipleship, preaching, and with anything from worship, teaching in community groups, evangelism through teaching English, media and administration, pastoral care (Prior Japanese language knowledge is a plus but not compulsory if candidate is willing to learn slowly ).  There are Town Halls where you can take FREE Japanese lessons weekly.  Other option is Language Schools and Language Exchange partners.
  • Are you willing to invest your time for short/long term?  We accept missionary interns for short terms as well.  These are just about anyone willing to be used by God, with a heart & passion for reaching the 2nd largest unreached people group, namely the Japanese.   For Japan, there is no methodology that can be called “the best.”  If you are open to be led by Spirit and can serve with your hands and feet, God may just you for a unique expression of the Gospel in different context.  Please talk to us more for more possibilities.

We welcome long term commitments.   We look forward to hearing from you.

Please fill out the form below. 

Learn more about our VISION & MISSION field HERE.   More infos on our mission field HERE.

How To Give in U.S, Japan & India.  Click here. Or give online here.


An Acts 29 Church in India.



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