Upcoming Book

Working Title: The Pursuit Of Joy In The Garden Of Pain.

Author: Joey Zorina

Book Excerpts:

“Happiness is when all things around us are well.  But true lasting joy may remain even when ones happiness is completely shattered.  Happiness, when confused with true joy, brings with it emptying & terrifying results when our legitimate physical needs are ripped away from us.  The kind of joy we speak of is found only in the person and work of Christ on the cross.  This is why the Christian has a different message.  The gift that Christians bring to the suffering world is not the empathy of doubt & uncertainty of future, but hope in the power of the Cross.  A true Christian rejoices and brings with him “good news of great joy for all people” (Luke 2: 10), even in the midst of overwhelming circumstances & horrendous tragedy.

No one feels the pain of human sin, only God does. Pain then becomes a parable for us to read.  When we are afflicted, we scream: “Pain! It hurts!”  But when we sin, we don’t feel the pain of sin.  And we certainly don’t scream, “It hurts!”  When we are in pain, we scream: “Why me?” But not when we sin!  In effect we are spiritually numb, calloused and lost.  No one feels the pain of sin: But Jesus does!  He feels the pain and bore the pain of human sin on the cross.  The cross of Jesus Christ is the best place to take our inexplicable pain.”

This book was born long before the tragic events unfolded on March 11, 2011- N.E Japan Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Radiation.

Please be praying for this book project and the Japanese people who are still facing hardships as they struggle to get back to their normal lives in Tohoku area.

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