What Is Outside The Camp?

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God’s passion for His global glory is our source of passion for the Gospel in Japan.

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We are a faith-based Gospel-centered missionary couple with a focus on reaching the second largest unreached people group: Japan.  Like any other faith-based mission we believe that God can provide for our needs (with or ) without standard fundraising.  Although we believe that God’s primary ways of providing for missionaries is through standard support raising through their sending Churches, we also believe that He is neither limited nor confined to one particular method or approach.  We have seen God’s faithfulness in providing for us in countless unprecedented ways, mostly through miraculous Providences.  Please consider how you can partner with us.

All our ministry funds are completely dependent  on answer to prayer of faith; and also the generosity of individuals and Churches led by the Spirit.  We strive to maintain our integrity by making sure that all specified funds donated to an area of ministry is used for it’s intended purpose only. For more infos on giving to our ministry, click here.

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Who is Outside The Camp mainly about?

What Is Outside The Camp?

“Now Moses used to take the tent and pitch it outside the camp, far off from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting. And everyone who sought the LORD would go out to the tent of meeting, which was outside the camp.” Exodus 33:7.

“Moses set the Tabernacle up outside the camp -“afar off from the camp.”  Now here is the point at which I am most liable to be misunderstood, but it is here, and it is part of the teaching.  There is invariably, in the history of every revival, this drawing aside. Let us not forget that the camp of Israel was then the Church of God.  In the Old Testament the nation of Israel was the Church in the wilderness.  This is the Church we are talking about, and yet you see what Moses did?  He took this tabernacle from the midst of the Church as it were and put it up outside, “afar off from the camp.”  No revival that has ever been experienced in the long history of the Church has ever been an official movement in the Church.  That is a strong statement, is it not?  But I repeat it.  No revival that the Church has ever known has ever been an official movement.  You read of the great precursors of the Protestant Reformation, people like Wycliffe, Jan Hus, and others.  It was always unofficial, and the officials did not like it.  It was the same with Martin Luther.  Nothing happened in Rome.  No; it happened just to this monk in his cell. And so it has continued to happen.  Even after the reformation of the Church of England, there were men who began to feel dissatisfied, and they began to follow this pattern and do the self-same thing.  That is the origin of Puritanism.  Then you are all probably familiar with the story of Methodism in its various branches.  The two Wesley brothers and Whitefield and others were members of the Church of England.  But they did not begin to do something in the Church of England but formed what they called their Holy Club, outside the camp.” (D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones – Revival)

Charles Spurgeon: Outside The Camp

“If I turn to the pages of history to find out the best men who ever lived, do you know where I find them? I never find them among those who were called, “respectable,” in their time. There, in the pages of history, I see great names—Erasmus and others, mighty and learned men—but, on a dirty-thumbed page, I see the name of Luther associated with such epithets as, “dog, adulterer, beast,” and everything else that Rome’s malice could suggest! And I say, “Ah, this is the man whom God chose, for he went outside the camp!” That list of great divines, of schoolmen and of theologians you may wipe out without much regret—but this man outside the camp—he is somebody, depend upon it! He is the man whom God has blessed! …..So you may go on as long as you like and you shall always find that those “intruders into the ministry,” as some call them, those that the parliament of parsons dislikes, those that the great mass reject and laugh and scoff at—those are the very men whom God blesses! So, if you go outside the camp, you will be in very good company. The great and holy men of years gone by have all been put outside the camp“(C.H Spurgeon).

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