“I wholeheartedly commend to you our brother Joey and his wonderful wife Yisel as true servants of God upon whom the Spirit and favor of God so clearly rests.  They are like lights that God is using to pierce the darkness of Japan, and I believe that they can be used to make a real difference in this most difficult of mission fields, Japan.  They represent a beautiful and rare combination of relational warmth, theological sharpness, global perspective, passion for people and truth, and whole-hearted commitment to serving God with the whole of their lives.  Please, please consider supporting them as they lay down their lives for the Lord in Japan.”- Michael Oh.

(Dr. Michael Oh is the president/founder of Christ Bible Institute.  He serves as the new CEO of the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization.  Dr. Oh spoke at the 2009 Desiring God Pastor’s Conference on “Missions as Fasting,Urbana 2009 and “The Internationalization of Missions,” – Desiring God National Conference 2011 and at The Gospel Coalition 2011 on Seizing Global Gospel Opportunities” and “The Individual’s Suffering and the Salvation of the World“- 2013). 


  • Why Japan? Learn about our mission field HERE.

Prayer and the Great Commission

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