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The Tragic Cost of Non-Discipleship { The Cost of Nominal Christianity}

Last year, David Platt was here in Japan with Francis Chan.  My wife and I had the wonderful privilege of meeting with him over a bowl of Japanese Ramen noodle in a small local restaurant across the street where they were going to speak.  He recently became the President of International Mission Board for the Southern Baptists, and sometime ago he spoke at the Verge.   Here is a short video clip from that conference, in which he talks about the tragic cost of non-discipleship. 

The cost of discipleship is great, but the cost of non-discipleship is far, far greater.” @plattdavid

“The cost of nominal Christianity will be great for those who are lost in this world–for people in our communities, for people in our cities, for people groups around the world who will go on without the Gospel because we’re content of not making disciples of all the nations; because in our casual approach to Christianity we’re leaving them on the road that leads to an eternal hell.  The consequences of casual cultural Christianity in the world are tragic, eternally tragic. ” (Excerpts from the video).


You may also want to read a sociological perspective on:  “Why Do These Pentecostals Keep Growing?”  By Ed Stetzer.


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