A Great Opportunity To Give To An Unique Outreach Project in Tokyo!

At The Bridge we share J.S Bach’s conviction that, “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” 

The Bridge exists to:

1. Bridge the gap- between Church & the artist community.
2. Bridge the gap between broken relationships in our society.
3. Bridge the gap between our cultures in a cosmopolitan city.
4. Bridge the gap between God and man in Christ with the Gospel.

Dear friends from around the world,

As we’re facing a new year by God’s grace, a new set of exciting challenges awaits us with The Bridge outreach.  We believe that God is bigger than all of us and can do exceedingly beyond anything that we ask or think- as long as it’s in line with His purposes and will.

The Bridge is primarily about Jesus (as the name suggests) and also an event that bridges the gap between broken relationships in our society, and a Gospel bridge between the church and the artists community in Tokyo.  It is a ministry on the margins of pop-culture, namely Jazz/blues/funk/Gospel/soul.  It is also a ministry that God in His sovereignty started with my friend 2 years ago.  This friendship has paved the way to build Gospel bridges into University Jazz music festivals.  A host of other Jazz bands have participated in the past 2 years.

However, The Bridge is not less but more than an event.  These musicians have also come to our home as we are continuing to pursue them relationally.  Most of our musicians are non-Christians who are technically proficient and are host players in Jazz clubs and bars themselves.  So the Bridge is simply an alternative safe environment as opposed to a Jazz local pub or club scene where people get to hear the literal preaching of the Gospel.   We conduct this once in three months since we wanted to be friends with them, and have them in our home as well. (Read The Story Behind The Bridge).

HOW YOU CAN BE A PART ?   The Bridge Anniversary is approaching soon.  We found a new venue in Machida station (Tokyo) since we’ve outgrown our recent capacity at a Cafe in Tokyo.  Machida also happens to be a place where many of these musician’s friends live.  We got this place by God’s favor at a reasonable price which can host at least 150 people (or even 200, if extension walls are taken down).  At this new venue  (click here, amazing site) we need our own Sound System which costs around 117, 800 円  


Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 11.56.53 AM


My wife and I will give 17, 800 yen if other 10 more people can match the remaining 100,000 yen ($ 1000) with 10, 000 yen ($ 100) each.  Or if there are 20 individuals who can match it by giving 5000 yen ($ 50) each to reach the total 117, 800 yen goal.  Or if God leads you to give more, that’s even better as we can use them for rental facilities, microphones, cables, monitors etc.    We believe that the free preaching of the Gospel is made possible by people like you who believe in the free preaching of  the Gospel.  At The Bridge sometimes we charge an entrance fee of 500 yen with 100 yen soft drink free, and serve Indian curry (400 yen) which allows us to raise some funds to meet venue rental fees as Live Houses are extremely expensive in Tokyo.

“Money is like blood.   Money, like blood, was meant to flow, to clean, cleanse and bless, enrich and support and give life…for the global body, for the global spread of the Gospel” (Dr. Micheal Oh).

So we invite you to come along side us and reach the next generation of potential musicians (with their families and friends) who are the culture-influencers and shapers, and future music leaders in Japan.



Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 4.10.05 PM

A Sneak Peak Video of The Bridge from the past: 

FREE WORSHIP SONG DOWNLOAD for You: Thank you for your support.  Please listen to the song “Let The Nations Sing For Joy” that I wrote just recently.  It’s a raw acoustic version.  I would like to give you as a gift if you like the song.  Just click the link and you’ll see a download button.


2 comments on “A Great Opportunity To Give To An Unique Outreach Project in Tokyo!

  1. That doesn’t seem a lot of kit for a 150 seat venue. Maybe you could consider talking to a production company. http://hiswill.info/rental.html is a christian company that I know from the gospel group they run that meets at our church (they’ve also lent us equipment); they are a bunch of really fine people.


    • Thank you, David. I know, it’s not a big kit for 100 to 150 seat venue. We’ve also considered other options. Renting one set costs around 25,000 yen to 40,000 yen. I don’t know how much the Christian company charges. So, after considering, for the long run we opted to have our own system (realizing the costs of renting each time). Do they charge more than the non-Christian companies?


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