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Strange Fire: Adrian Dialogue With Steve, Moderated By Rob.

Here’s an interesting dialogue between Adrian Warnock (a Reformed-charismatic, Jubilee Church, London)  and Steve Camp (Reformed-Cessationist, pastor of The Cross Church)  moderated by Rob Wilkerson (Jubilee Church, U.S).  Interesting thing is Rob is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary (John Mac Arthur’s) and he’s a Reformed-charismatic,  and Steve had worked with John Mac Arthur at some point.  Steve is a musician and was really famous at one point and is pastoring now (well, he’s still famous now).  I really like Rob, as a brother, after I’ve interacted with him several times.  And I love Adrian’s blog and have exchanged tweets, mails and messages several times with him.

In any case, I  thought you might enjoy watching this brotherly dialogue.  I particularly found Steve’s thoughts rather interesting as he describes various leading of the Lord he’s experienced as a Cessationist; and I think he has tremendous respect for RC brothers, which is how it ought to be.

What did you think about the talk?  Please feel free to use the comment button box below to post your responses.  I’ll forward it to them.  Or find them on FB

@ Rob Wilkerson. 

@ Steve Camp.

@ Adrian Warnock.

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