Boasting ONLY in The Cross

boasting“But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world” (Gal. 6:14). 

There is a remedy, an anecdote for all our illnesses.  Indeed there is a Great Physician who masters in healing all our maladies.

1. The antidote to proud scholarship and blasphemous stroke of the mighty pen  is the Cross.

2. The antidote to arrogant experiential  spirituality is the Cross.

3. The antidote to boastful pragmatism is the Cross.

4. The antidote to ethnocentric nationalism is the Cross.

5. The antidote to Pharisaic-legalism is the Cross.

6. The antidote to cold un-affectionate intellectual prowess is the Cross.

7. The antidote to self-deification and self-glorifying musicianship is the Cross.

8. The antidote to indifference, resentment, unforgiving heart and division in  the body of Christ is the Cross.

9. The antidote to liberalism with a very low view of God and the Bible is the  Cross.

Therefore,at  the  center  of  every  human  thinking;  at  the  center  of  all  our  scholarship and education; at the center of all our heart-felt religious affections  and convictions, ability and practicality, the Cross of Jesus Christ must shine  forth, mortifying the flesh in its pursuit of stealing God’s glory, and enabling us  to say in meekness: “My only boast is in the Cross of Jesus Christ.”  This is the  essence of what it means to be a Christian.   And yet, this would mean we have  only scratched the surface, for we “know in part and we prophesy in part.”

The root of Church unity lies in the hearts and minds of people who not only “know” but are broken  together  by  the  power  of  the  Cross.   All  administrations,  institutions,  memberships,  agendas,  meetings,  synod  conferences,  pastoral  ministries, mission enterprises, evangelistic outreaches, cross-cultural dialogues  and inter-relationships between global Churches must come under the light and  omnipotent  influence  of  the  Cross.

The  Cross  is  where  a  true  Christian fellowship begins [This is where we all meet–it is our spiritual rendezvous, as it were].  The Cross of Jesus Christ is like the blazing heat of  the Sun that shines into the darkest corners of our human existence illuminating our hearts and minds to embrace the all-satisfying grace of God.  One cannot  see the earth without the light of the sun, and therefore it is in the light of the  Cross that we see and study the surface of this earth.  When we deny the Cross  at  the  center  of  all  our  theologizing  and  philosophizing  we  end  up  becoming  like spiritual lunatics dumbstruck  by the moon.  Therefore,  true  Christianity begins by boasting only in the Cross and it ends with God receiving  all the glory. There is no greater and deeper reality than the glory of God.  The deeper you go, with the Cross at its center, God and His glory -is all you get.  Because all things are in Him, by Him, for Him, through Him.  To Him be all the glory forever!

NOTE: From an excerpt of a sermon I preached at Tokyo Christian University Chapel in March 2008.

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2 comments on “Boasting ONLY in The Cross

  1. very well said. i love how you come up with the 9 antidotes. excellent


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