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Jossy Chacko | The Great Commission For All Believers

This message refreshed and challenged me greatly to act.   I humbly recommend that you watch and listen to the whole thing prayerfully.  I pray it challenges you to act, not theorize, as it has challenged me.

“On February 13, 2012 at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Jossy Chacko, Founder and International Director of Empart, spoke to students about reaching the unreached and how the Great Commission is for all believers. Jossy said that the Gospel is worth everything, including our own life.  Empart is a global ministry that exists to ignite church planting movements among unreached people. Empart’s primary goal is to plant 100,000 churches among unreached people in Asia by 2030. Under Jossy’s visionary leadership, Empart grew from the spare bedroom of the Chacko’s home to become a prolific church planting movement, bringing both spiritual and social transformation to unreached communities. Empart now averages about 3 new church plants every day, reaching about 6.5 million people every week through its various activities.”


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