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I Repent For Not Having Repented Enough!

Dear God,

I repent for being self-centered and selfish.  I repent of my lack of gratitude for everything you’ve given me.  I repent for always putting myself first in everything.  I repent for not sharing the resources and finances you’ve given to me as I ought– especially with those who are in desperate need.  I repent for not being the Samaritan you’ve called me to be.  You’re the greatest & perfect Samaritan there ever is and will be- Jesus.  I repent for being disobedient to Your commands: To love You with all my heart, soul and strength, and to love my near and far neighbors, and to make disciples of all the nations. I repent for neglecting the poor, the widows and the orphans.  

Forgive me for not being a good steward of the Good News you’ve entrusted to me when there’s a world out there dying without it.  Take away any hardheartedness and coldness in my heart and replace them with Your compassion.  Let my heart break with what breaks Yours, that I may see people with Your eyes and touch them the way You would touch them. 

Be gracious to me and continually guide me by Your Spirit to look beyond myself and put the needs of others ahead of myself.  Be merciful to me and shake the foundations of my present comfort to follow Christ by denying myself and making much of Him and those that He loves so dearly.  Father, I repent for not having repented enough  In Jesus’ name!  Amen!


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