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Revival: Are You Praying?

praying-hands-on-scriptureIt’s good to hear talks of revival in such positive terms– coming from well-known leaders.  I was still at Tokyo Christian University when Dr. Bryan Chapell came to speak at the Chapel on “Christ-centered Preaching.”  I missed the Chapel time that day so I didn’t get to hear him speak; but today I wish I hadn’t.

In this video below,

Chapell points out, “True revival is often very disruptive to the traditional church.” As a result, many churches “want revival until it comes.”

Revival, in my Church background, (i.e, Presbyterian Church of India- Mizoram) has been known to be “disruptive,” but many people do get saved and there’s a renewed sense of the Spirit’s work in tangible ways in the lives that are changed by it- and that’s the beauty.   God is most glorified in us when we’re most satisfied in Him.  And God gives satisfaction to the Church- sometimes through unusual visitations of the Spirit, by which he receives more glory.

J. Edwin Orr described the Welsh revival as:

“the farthest reaching of the movements of general awakening, for it affected the whole of the evangelical cause in India, Korea and China, renewed revival in Japan and South Africa, and sent a wave of awakenings over Africa, Latin America and the South Seas.”

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