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Taming The Tongue

Here is what Leonard Ravenhill said about the tongue. 


Taming the tongue

Until recently, we were pretty much in the dark about the human body. But then came the X- ray with its peeping eye…a marvelous instrument which has saved us much human misery. It was able to show us the human heart, but it couldn’t show us the soul or it could show us the throat, but not the voice. The brain, but not the mind. Nevertheless, medical science has done much to help this outward man that perishes. If our eyes are getting dim, we can get glasses. If our kidneys or heart fail, we can have a transplant. But as far as I know, there is one member of the body that has never been transplanted. If we used our arms and legs as much as we use this part, we’d be incredibly stiff and sore. But this member never gets tired, and I’ve never seen one with a splint on it. As you get older you may get dentures – but you will always have the same tongue you were born with! There are artificial joints made these days, but no artificial tongues.
My mother was pretty smart when it came to the tongue. She sprinkled her daily conversation with wise sayings like “Keep your tongue between your teeth” and “Think twice before you speak once.” The Scottish people have some proverbs, too: “Keep your tongue a prisoner and your body will go free” and “A long tongue shortens friendships.” My mother would also tell us, “Remember, one day you’ll answer to God for every word you say.”

The Bible mentions many kinds of tongues:

a flattering tongue (Psalm 5:9)

a proud tongue (Psalm 12:3; 73:9)

a lying tongue (Psalm 109:2; Prov. 6:17)

a deceitful tongue (Psalm 120:2)
a perverted tongue (Prov. 10:31; 17:20)

a soothing tongue (Prov. 15:4)

a healing tongue (Prov. 12:18)

a destructive tongue (Prov. 17:4)

a mischievous and wicked tongue (Psalm 10:7)

a soft tongue (Prov. 25:15)

a backbiting tongue (Prov. 25:23)



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