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Grace For Blemishes on Christian Character!


We all have sinned and fallen short.  But God’s grace comes to us in Christ.  God clothes us with a righteousness, not our own, but Christ’ righteousness.  Jesus lived a life we could never live; and that is imputed to us, by grace through faith.  The Spirit comes to indwell us, and He continues to sanctify us.  In this article, “Newton points out that while most Christians succeed in avoiding more gross sins, many do not actually experience much in the way of actual spiritual growth.”  May the sweet conviction of the Spirit come into your heart, and reveal to you the abundance of grace in Christ available for you to affect changes.  As you read on, prayerfully ask yourself and see which one (perhaps even all at times) describes you.

Austerus is a solid and disciplined Christian but abrasive, critical, and ungenerous in dealing with people, temperamental, seldom giving compliments and praise, and almost never gentle. 

Infitialis is a person of careful and deliberate character but habitually cynical, negative, and pessimistic, always discouraging (“that will never work”), unsupportive, and vaguely unhappy.  

Pulsus is passionate, yes, but also impulsive and impatient, not thinking things out, speaking too soon, always quick to complain and lodge a protest, often needs to apologize for rash statements. 

Querulus is a person of strong convictions, but known to be opinionated, a poor listener, argumentative, not very teachable, and slow to admit wrong.  

Subjectio is a resourceful and ambitious person, but also someone who often shades the truth, puts a lot of spin on things (close to misrepresentation), is very partisan, self-promoting, and turf-conscious.  

Potestas gets things done but needs to control every situation, has trouble sharing power, has a need to do everything him or herself, and is very suspicious and mistrustful of others. 

Fragilis is friendly and seeks friends, but constantly gets feelings hurt, easily feels slighted and put down, is often offended and upset by real and imagined criticism by others.  

Curiosus is sociable but enjoys knowing negative things about people, finds ways of passing the news on, may divulge confidences, and enjoys confronting too much. 

Volatilis is kind-hearted and eager to help, but simply not reliable—isn’t punctual, doesn’t follow through on promises, always over-extended, and as a result may do shoddy work.  

Look at these and ask which one or two most describe you.  Have the courage to ask someone else you know, too. In future articles we’ll look both at why so many of us seem to be stuck in these character flaws instead of growing and changing to be of more godly character.

This article excerpt is adapted from The Gospel Coalition “Forgive us these faults.”

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