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Real Discipleship is Messy, Imperfect, and Honest!

20111005_a-conversation-on-discipleship-with-pastor-bill-clem_banner_imgI just came back from a great time of meeting with a dear brother this morning.  Call it one on one discipleship or whatever.  We‘ve been so deeply amazed and humbled by the manner in which the apostle Paul himself was so honest in all his writings.  There’s a reason why almost all the Bible “heroes” and their failures are not hidden but recorded.  In essence all of them are pointing to Christ’s perfection, and His righteousness, not their own!   Only as our identity is deeply rooted in Christ, His righteousness and perfection, and not in us, can we become more honest about our sins and failures.  After all, there is nothing in us that can be uncovered that has not already been covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Amazing grace, how sweet the sound– indeed!

Real discipleship is messy, imperfect, and honest” says Jonathan Dodson.  He goes on:

“I wanted clean, “perfect,” and limited honesty. I preferred to disclose only my successes, to pass on my accumulated wisdom and knowledge while hiding my foolishness and ignorance.  It’s not that I wasn’t making disciples—people gobbled up my platitudes and piety.  The problem was the kind of disciples I was making: disciples who could share their faith but not their failures” (Resurgence).

(This quote is excerpted from Jonathan Dodson’s Re:lit book, Gospel-Centered Discipleship). 

Do you have a disciple, a mentor, friend, spouse, pastor or a Christian brother/sister who you can openly share and repent and help you grow? 

Any thoughts on discipleship?  Please feel free to use the comment section below to post. 


One comment on “Real Discipleship is Messy, Imperfect, and Honest!

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