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Mistakes Leaders Make: Replacing Transformation With Information


Transformation is often equated with information.

I’m currently reading a book by David Kraft titled Mistakes Leaders Make.    The book is an easy read and insightful at the same time.   There’s one chapter, “Replacing Transformation with Information” which particularly caught my attention.  This is very similar to the posts I wrote earlier on: “Why Biblical Literacy Does  Not Define My Gospel Maturity”    and Why In-depth Bible Studies Don’t Equate Gospel Maturity!    I’ve highlighted a section from that chapter below.   This is a danger every leader must watch out for.  It reads:

Replacing transformation with information is a mistake that leaders make, and it filters down to people in the pews.  Maturity is erroneously equated with how much you know, how many Sunday school ribbons you have, how faithful you are at church activities, and if you can on any and all occasion be the “Bible Answer Man.”  People are admired as they spit back the right answers and information.  They are wrongly assumed to be godly, mature Christians and sadly find themselves stepping into the leadership roles.  Here is a good formula to remember:


Understand that application is my responding in the power of the Holy Spirit to what God is making clear to me.


  1. Take an honest look at your own holy habits/spiritual disciplines.  Are they information or transformation based?
  2. When you measure things at your church, is the emphasis only on quantity, or are you looking at the quality of people who attend?
  3. How are you defining spiritual maturity at your church?  What needs to change in the way you evaluate how you are doing at making disciples?

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