Brief Update: THE BRIDGE Outreach (Snippets)


The Bridge 4 was a tremendous “success.”  We’ve OUTGROWN our space!  It’s the surprising works of God!   The Bridge started with just two people.  And 80% of those who attend are non-Christians.  In just 11 months, we’ve outgrown our space.  Hallelujah!  We are now convicted to take this outreach to a nearby community hall.  For that to happen:

1. We’ll need a bigger team. Pray as we seek to recruit.
2. We would need around 10, 000 Japanese yen to rent the space for 200 people each time.  Our current space can seat only about 80 – 100 people.  We’ve outgrown that! (For Japan, this is a big number).

The purpose of The Bridge is to build a bridge (not walls) between non-christian musicians and the church.  The Bridge is conducted only once in 3 months.  Please consider supporting this project for furthering God’s Kingdom.  All contributions will be spent for its intended purpose only.   The Bridge is really all about Jesus and the Japanese for whom He died.  Please help us take The Bridge outreach to the next level HERE.


2 comments on “Brief Update: THE BRIDGE Outreach (Snippets)

  1. i really really want to attend those gatherings 🙂
    someday, someday, i’ll be there…



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