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Gospel Advance 2013: To the Ends of the Earth!

To learn more about what we do, click on images below.

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Agape English Kids Academy is a one year old new church school where Yisel teaches and leads. We currently have only 4 students who are enrolled. One of the parents, a non-christian, is now attending Bible studies and Gospel choirs.


Bridging the gap between church & the artist community: The Bridge simply came into being by befriending a Japanese Jazz guitar player. It was totally unprecedented. In only 8 months since it began, we’ve seen more than 30 non-christian bands members, not counting their friends and families, reached with the Gospel. It’s a sheer sovereign leadership of the Spirit. Soli deo gloria!


This is a community group that meets at Joey & Yisel’s home on Saturdays, where we wrestle with the truths of the bible. It’s an open group where people learn about the Gospel, Community & Mission. We also do one-on-one discipleship. Our hope is to start other groups in the area.


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