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5 Steps For An Unhealthy Christian Organization To Take

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This post originally appeared on Ed’s blog

Previously, Ed Stetzer wrote about

  1. six signs you may be working in an unhealthy Christian organization

  2. and how to discern from God when he might want you to leave or stay.

  3. Today, in the third and final post, he looks at how an organization moves from unhealthy to healthy.

I’m just going to serve the main points on the table.  You go and read the rest of the details from the link below.  They’re short and easy read.

1. The organization has to admit it has a problem.

2. The organization has to admit that sometimes unhealthy cultures come from unhealthy leaders.

3. Those who are empowered by the bad leadership culture will need to work hard to resist it.

4. The organization has to be willing to listen to its constructive critics.

5. The organization has to be willing to change.

There’s hope, help, and freedom

“I sincerely hope that some organizations and churches will change for the better—both for their benefit and that of the kingdom. Perhaps in some small way this blog series will help. But, the reality is that most will not, and that’s why my last post encouraged you to get out if you find yourself in this situation.

Yet, there is hope. Like the characters in The Matrix, people increasingly come to realize they are not living in the real world and can unplug. When I did— and realized that the petty controversies and constant arguing were not the real world—I found a great deal of freedom in engaging real-world ministry without being pulled into organizational dysfunction.”

Read full article HERE.

Please make use of the comment box below and let me know your thoughts.  But please don’t fight old battles on my blog.

You may also be interested in this (PDF file download) :Some Characteristics Of Healthy & Unhealthy Organizations.


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