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Relational Pride and Humility!

Relational pride and humility

  • Pride loves to talk, reveling in every self-exalting form of self-expression
  • Pride is quite content with what it already knows.
  • Pride assumes I already understand everything I need to.
  • Pride assumes I don’t need help.
  • Pride sinfully judges others by assuming they will respond negatively or unhelpfully if I am open.
  • Pride uses conversation as broadcast time.
  • Pride doesn’t need a spouse, just an audience.
  • Pride denies what the gospel reveals about our seriously sinful condition (Proverbs 10:19; Gal 5:17)


  • Humility asks questions and loves dialogue.
  • Humility has never found someone it couldn’t learn something from.
  • Humility assumes there is always more to learn about anything.
  • Humility assumes I need others.
  • Humility would rather be open and vulnerable than closed and independent.
  • Humility uses conversation with a spouse to explore new worlds.
  • Humility puts energy and effort into listening.
  • Humility treats a spouse as a fellow traveler on the road of biblical wisdom.
  • Humility that leads to intimacy takes an interest in one’s spouse as a gift from God.
  • Humility believes what the gospel says about our desperate need for God and his grace – after we’re saved as well as before.

Note: (Gary and Betsy Ricucci, Love That Lasts, p.70-71)

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