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Brief Updates

Dear readers,

I’ve been out of station for three consecutive weeks now.  Thanks for checking up to see if there’s been new posts.  Truth is: I’ve been out of the blogging hemisphere for a while.  And it felt refreshing to go away for a while and come back.

Well.  There’s so much to catch up on.  We were in India, Aizawl, Mizoram.  First Shanghai-Delhi- Kolkatta- Imphal and then finally to Aizawl, Mizoram, in the far North East of India.  Quite a feat.  My weekends were pretty much filled with speaking engagements & T.V  interview.

Highlight: It was such an honor for me to preach at my home-church at the main service, youth and young adult groups, which was founded by the Welsh missionaries and where my grandparents served faithfully to the end.  Though this was not a typical contemporary worship style, I found it undeserving to stand in the pulpit where many great preachers have stood and preached the Gospel.

Sorry.  No audio files.  They were all in ‘Mizo’ dialect.  Yisel enjoyed the food, but encountered several culture shocks.  She took them well, by God’s grace.

Oh! Just one quick thought.  Amidst all the wonderful blessings we received, one account is noteworthy.  One taxi driver did not want to charge us after he found out we were missionaries in Japan!  This summarizes one of the many ways in which God worked.  He showered us with His favor!  His grace is evident everywhere- just look around you!

I will update you on the details as soon I can.   I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ to all of you.  You’ve been a faithful visitor and I just wanted to take this time to acknowledge you- even though there’s very little content here.  Thanks a lot for visiting.  I’ll keep you up to speed.   I also hope to blog more about what’s going on in the ministry in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy the typical Taj Mahal pose.  🙂  If at anytime God leads you to donate to our missions work, please make use of the link HERE.

Grace to you,

Joey & Yisel.


One comment on “Brief Updates

  1. may Jesus richly bless you and your wife there bro.

    – grace and peace


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