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Worship Seminar Audio | ワーシップ.セミナーのオーディオ

@ Ekklesia Christian Church

SESSION I-  Learning to lead worship. ワーシップをリードする学習。

LISTEN HERE: http://wpc.473a.edgecastcdn.net/80473A/spcdn/sermon_sto1_fast/outsidecampers/audio/1199774788_29261.mp3/play

Or [download]

SESSION IILearning to play in a worship band. ワーシップのバンドで演奏することを学ぶ。

LISTEN HERE: http://wpc.473a.edgecastcdn.net/80473A/spcdn/sermon_sto1_fast/outsidecampers/audio/1199774814_29261.mp3/play

Or [download]

Interpreter: Midori Aso.   Date: 2012/06/16

NOTES:   WorshipSeminarNotes1+2

Power point slides below:

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One comment on “Worship Seminar Audio | ワーシップ.セミナーのオーディオ

  1. I love the “crazy stuff”. kidding.. 🙂

    you reminded me exactly what I was some years ago during my involvement in the music ministry. that was until Jesus found me and became my music.

    this is true in almost every music ministries everywhere.
    the focus is no longer in Jesus but rather on the musician, on the skill.
    the focus is no longer in Jesus, but in the music.

    I have never seen and heard anyone preaches on grace and music. could it be that God is raising up worshippers who will lead, stand and worships in spirit and in truth?

    this sounds crazy, but I honestly believe that the gospel and music will go together. there is indeed revival going on around the world on the preaching of the true gospel.
    what I am not seeing is the music that goes along with it. the music that is gospel driven.

    wow.. that’s a lot to say.

    maybe someday I can join as your audience in one of your music symposiums 🙂

    – grace and peace


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