Updates! What’s New?

Here’s a snippet from the recent “The Bridge” night.  It’s young artists community focused.  The next one will be held on August 4th.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Bridging the gap.  ギャップを埋めること!

Bridging the gap horizontally and vertically- our vision is four-fold. 

1) Bridging the gap- between Church & the artist community;

2) bridging the gap between relationships in our society;

3) bridging the gap between our cultures;

4) and most of all bridging the gap between God and man in Christ.

The Bridge was started by 2 friends who had something in common- the guitar.  But The Bridge is more than that!   It is more than about 2 people.   It is an outreach to University Jazz Bands and young professionals in the Tokyo area who have never heard the Gospel.

Learn more about The Bridge here:


4 comments on “Updates! What’s New?

  1. how i wish i was in japan. maybe someday i’ll visit your church
    i used to play the guitar too.

    seems to be fun there 🙂


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