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Leadership blog Interview: Jonathan Wilson, President of C.R.A.S.H Japan | リーダーシップのブログインタビュー:ジョナサン·ウィルソン、C.R.A.S.Hジャパンの総責任者。

Interview by Joey Zorina (Outside The Camp).  24th March 2012.  ジョーイゾリナのインタビュー

Jonathan @ Equippers

Jonathan Wilson is President of C.R.A.S.H Japan and pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship, Japan.  I asked Jonathan if he could spare his valuable time for a short blog interview and he graciously replied saying he would be happy to. I hope that those of us who are younger, restless, ambitious, self-confident (and inexperienced) leaders, and future missionaries would benefit from this short interview.  I hope to do more interviews like this, of men who had gone before us so that we can learn from them.  Please stay tuned.

ヨナタン・ウィルソン先生は、C.R.A.S.Hジャパンの総責任者(President)で、グレースクリスチャンフェローシップの牧師でもあられます。私のブログのためにインタビューをお願いした所、快くお引き受け下さいました。自信に溢れ、やる気満々でウズウズしているけれども、まだまだ経験不足 – そんな若いリーダーの皆さん、また宣教師志望の皆さんも、この短いインタビューから、きっと得るものがあると思います。今後もこのような、先輩に学ぶインタビューを続けて行きたいと思っています。ご期待下さい。

Joey: Hi Pastor Jonathan,

Thank you for offering your valuable time for this short interview. I have been watching how God has used C.R.A.S.H leadership in bringing quake relief to Tohoku area.  I admire your leadership and the work of God in and through you. I am very thankful for this opportunity.



1. What is the most important leadership advice you would give to young leaders?



Every leader must also be a follower.  Even if you are starting your own ministry, you follow in the footsteps of others who came before you to make your work possible. Respect them and learn from them even as you explore your new ideas and dreams for the future.


Joey: 2. In what ways can safety, security, comfort, convenience and ease hinder us from taking risks in our leadership?  Could you give practical examples for young leaders?

楽、安全、安心、快適さ、利便性 – こういったことはリーダーシップにおいて、どのようにリスクを負う妨げとなり得るのでしょうか? 青年リーダーのために、具体的な例を挙げて頂けますか?


It is much easier to take risks alone than to lead others to take risks. So the risks that you are comfortable taking as a young leader get harder as your ministry grows and more people are affected. The key to being able to take decisive action without certainty is to be sure of the things that you can be certain of; faith, values, relationship with God and His vision.  I am more comfortable and secure in these things than in any organization, structure or method.


Joey: 3.  What would you say are the greatest leadership pitfalls for young people?  What can we do to avoid those pitfalls?

青年にとって、リーダーシップの最も大きな落とし穴は何ですか? どうすれば避けられるのでしょうか?


The biggest are the lack of experience and the confidence that comes with it.  As Paul encouraged Timothy, God can use young leaders but it is also important to understand authority and relationships and those are the areas most need to grow in.


Jonathan with an older Japanese woman!

Joey: 4. What are your hopes and dreams for C.R.A.S.H Japan?



We would like to see the church in Japan become known as the place to go for compassion.

日本の教会が、人々が憐れみ–-苦しむ者と共に苦しむ– を見出す場所となることです。

Joey: 5. What are your greatest joys in life?



My family.


Joey: 6. What would you say to young Christian husbands in relation to their leadership in the home?



Many young husbands see their family as being a burden or an obstacle that keeps them from being involved in ministry. Realize that your family is a ministry and they are your greatest asset in ministry.


Joey: 7. Any advice/encouragements for future short/long term missionaries preparing to come to Japan?



Rather than aiming to “master” the language or culture of Japan, “submit” to them.  Allow them to shape your words and ideas so that Japanese will be able to understand the things of God that you are attempting to share with them.

日本の言葉や文化を「マスター」しようとするよりも、むしろ「服従」することです。日本の言葉や文化が自分の言葉や考えを変える – それを良しとすることです。そうすれば日本人は、皆さんが伝えたいと思っている神様のことが分かるようになるでしょう。


Those were very concise and clear answers in a nutshell.  Thank you so much.


(日本語訳 東京基督教大学・教員 柳沢 美和子)

“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith” (Hebrews 13: 7).  「神の言をあなたがたに語った指導者たちのことを、いつも思い起しなさい。彼らの生活の最後を見て、その信仰にならいなさい」(ヘブル人13:7)。

C.R.A.S.H Japan Website

You can support C.R.A.S.H ongoing work!



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