The Humility Of Christ And The Unity Of The Church

Sermon on Philippians 2: 1-11 [New Jersey, 27th Dec. 2015]

Few Thoughts on Church Planting

1. A Church plant, not a Church Start-up. A few weeks ago, I posted about the need for planting a mother church in West Tokyo, Shimokitazawa district.   On this post, I’d like to highlight a few things that came to my mind as part of that post. We want to be more than a […]

How To Listen To Gossip And How To Kill It!

What should you do when someone gossips to you?   When someone starts saying to you, “I really don’t know if I should say this, but….!”  Gently cut them short there and tell them, “If you don’t know if you should tell me what you’re about to tell me, let me help you.”  And then […]

A Form of Gnosticism in An Age of Overabundance of Information

The most dangerous thing about the Gnostics was that they also saw themselves as a privileged class elevated above everybody else because of their deeper knowledge of God.

Gospel Recovery: The Pharisee’s Journey in The Gospel of Grace.

Just recently, my ministry responsibilities suddenly increased.  And for this reason, I have not been able to blog as much as I wanted to.  I now write primarily for Living Life (Journal of Spiritual Formation), and I contribute to our organization’s blog (Vision Nationals) from time to time–which has cut down my blogging time.  For […]

Praying is The Most You Can Do; Not The Least!

Prayer, as simple as it sounds, is not simple for the vast majority of Christians when it comes to actually doing it, because everyone struggles to pray.  I sometimes struggle to have prolonged periods of prayer times unless I strongly sense the leading of the Spirit.  I do habitually pray silently while in the train, […]

Trusting God in The Harvest Field When Dying is Gain!

It has been more than a year since this post was first published (February 2013).  After some revisions and updates, I thought I would republish it here for two reasons: First, I’d like to give thanks to God publicly for being so faithful in providing not only our needs, but the needs of the ministry.  […]

Oscar Muriu: On Humble Incarnational Ministry!

Urbana, as you may have already heard, is “the largest student missions conference in the world, Urbana is a catalytic event held every three years, bringing together a diverse mix of students, alumni, missions practitioners and church leaders.  The 24th Urbana takes place December 27-31, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri.”  Urbana 09 is where, my Church […]

The Peace of Christ For Troubled Hearts

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid” (John 14: 27). This is the kind of peace that the world cannot give or take away.  It is His peace. “My peace […]

A Hole in Our Leadership and Gospel Hope!

As I woke up this morning, several thoughts ran through my head that I felt compelled to share (in light of the recent ministry course I took here in Tokyo).  This is part 2, following my previous post on Effective Elderships: Fostering Clear Roles, Healthy Function, and Strong Leadership. ______________________________________________________________________ “Keep a close watch on […]

Not To Us But To Your Name Give Glory!

It’s All About Jesus. Reading through the stories in the O.T and the N.T we know that the Bible is one big story in which Jesus is the ultimate hero. The scriptures are for us, but not about us.  They are mainly about Jesus.  This is why Luke said of Jesus:  “And beginning with Moses […]

Sing Over Me | A Dennis Jernigan Documentary

A documentary directed by a friend Jacob Kindberg (BIOLA graduate) on Dennis Jernigan.

Kintsukuroi: God’s Grace in Our Brokenness!

I have a fond memory of my Grandma, who taught the Word of God well at home.  Most of the scriptures that I know today came from Grandma’s family prayer meetings.  Grandma, after fighting Cancer for a little over a year, passed away on Monday, August 2009 at 8:05 a.m [Indian Standard Time].   Despite her […]

Theological Famine Relief For The Global Church

Nothing is as beautiful to Jesus as when the poor widow gave her all (two mites) out of her poverty.  And nothing is as humbling and encouraging about the grace of God that was given among the Churches in Macedonia (2 Cor. 8).  Though they were in the middle of much affliction and extreme poverty, […]

A Question That Atheist/Evolutionist Couldn’t Answer!

Could you give me an observable evidence (which is a scientific method) for Darwinianism evolution–a change of kinds?  Quite a fun and interesting video to watch!  Ray Comfort has done an incredible job!  I recommend watching the entire 30 minutes NOAH MOVIE; it’s not the one with Russell Crowe (below this clip).  Also, get your […]

Few Thoughts on Evangelism With J.I Packer

As Easter is gradually approaching, I’m getting ready to preach at our outreach.  This will be the first Easter service for most of our non-Christian friends.  It is exciting, as we will have our first praise band!   Having said this, I’d like to point you to Packer on how our theology can grow “abstract and […]

J.I Packer on Healing & Lloyd-Jones on Dead Orthodoxy

Don Dunkerly (a Presbyterian Evangelist) in his book on “Healing Evangelism”  quotes J. I Packer where Packer describes his interesting experience.  He writes: “During the past thirty years openness to the supernatural in the physical realm has been recovered by many who had lost it.  Expectations of divine healing and other startling providences in answer […]

Repenting For Not Having Repented!

Last September, I did a short post titled “I Repent For Not Having Repented Enough.”  And I meant every word.  In light of the recent controversy on Driscoll, here’s a wonderful quote by Ray Ortlund.   He writes: “What’s amazing is not how often he [Driscoll] repents but how rarely other Christian leaders repent. How does every Christian […]

The Intolerance of Post-Modern Tolerance

Excited to hear that D.A Carson will be here in Japan (with John Piper) sometime this year.       On Post-modernism, D.A Carson says something I’ve always thought to be true but that which I couldn’t articulate as well as he could.  He says:- “The new definition of tolerance is not only inconsistent, it’s incoherent […]

Why Super Bowls Are Always More Exciting Than Church Celebrations (Like Easter)

I used to be a captain for a sub-junior soccer team in school.  So, I’m not against sports.  And my wife is from Uruguay, where people would even go so far as to kill each other for loosing in a soccer game.   But when someone gets saved and baptized, how many of us truly […]

In Getting Rid of Him They Fulfilled His Dreams.

Summary Intro. Beginning with Abram, let’s bring the story up to Joseph briefly.  Abram has a son Isaac. Isaac has a son Jacob (whose name is then changed to Israel).  And Jacob has twelve sons who become the fathers of the twelve tribes of Israel.  One of Jacob’s twelve sons, Joseph, has two dreams.  In […]

Something Greater Than Jonah is Here!

Many have dismissed Jonah as mere fiction, because it tells of a fish swallowing a man.  But 2 Kings 14:25 mentions Jonah as living in the time of Jeroboam II.  Jesus himself refers to Jonah as a historical person (in Matt. 12:39-41).  Not too long after the ministry of Elijah and Elisha, Prophet Jonah appears […]

6 Marks of Healthy Gospel Communities

There are more than 6 marks of a healthy community.  On this side of the world, I don’t believe that anyone of us believe in a “perfect church.”  Life is messy.  Church is messy.  Teams can be messy.   Real discipleship is messy.  And yet, God is in all the mess with His sanctifying grace- conforming […]

A Great Opportunity To Give To An Unique Outreach Project in Tokyo!

At The Bridge we share J.S Bach’s conviction that, “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”  The Bridge exists to: 1. Bridge the gap- between Church & the artist community. 2. Bridge the gap between broken relationships in our […]

Ed Stetzer Hosted Matt Chandler & Jefferson Bethke & Others on TBN!

Gospel Truth on TBN!  Ed Stetzer hosted Matt Chandler, Jefferson Bethke, Priscilla Shirer—with music by Josh Wilson and Christ August—on TBN last week (“Praise The Lord” program).    Posted on Jan 17, 2014.   CLICK on the image below to watch, and it will take you to the page.  I’m currently watching now and will post some […]

“Christian” Transparency & Accountability & Two Cents Worth of Caution

I believe in the importance of “Christian accountability” in the church.  I wholeheartedly believe in transparency and authenticity (including brutal honesty).   I’m accountable to older men in Tokyo that I trust are godly, and can speak into my life with wisdom from the Word and experience.   I am transparent before God who sees and […]

Theologically Astute But Dramatically Spiritually Immature.

Which pastor would not want their people to become knowledgeable about Biblical facts and post-biblical church history and thereby grow to become theologically astute people!  In an age of relativism where there is an increasing abandonment of absolute truth, and where differing ideas in our cultures inform and shape our people’s worldviews, who would not […]

3 Things To Learn From the Humble Incarnation of Christ When Crossing into Another Culture

Here are some things I learned during my last 10 years in cross-cultural missions that I hope might help you prepare as short/long term cross cultural missionaries:- There are more than just 3 things to learn from the humble incarnation of  Christ.  On this post, we will focus on this great chapter in Philippians 2 […]

Whose Friend Are We, Really?

Jesus “…a friend of tax collectors and sinners!”  Luke 7:34 I remember one Senior Pastor of whom a person living in sin said, “He never looked at me differently though I was living in sin, and he never gave up on me.  I saw Jesus in him.  That’s why I came back to Church.”  Every […]

November Outreach Round Up!

The Bridge is really all about Jesus and what He has done on the cross!   Firstly, as the name suggests, The Bridge came from a burden to see the spiritual gap between God and a lost generation bridged in Christ through the literal preaching of the Gospel. Secondly, it’s also about bridging the relational […]

God’s Heart For The Nations

I remember, lying in my hospital bed,  reading John Piper’s book:“Let The Nations Be Glad.”  No other book like this one has opened my eyes to see God’s heart for the nations (i.e, apart from the Bible).  The book drove me to the scriptures, and that’s what I like about the book.  Surely, what brought […]

When People Look Bigger Than God!

Understanding the Gospel radically changes our relationships. When we forget the Gospel people can start to look bigger than God.  And so we look to them for approval: to make us feel special, to make us feel wanted, to make us look great, and to recognize our achievements and overlook our failures.   So when […]

Be Strong & Courageous

Joshua had already played a major role among the Israelites during the Exodus.  In Exo. 17 Joshua was a commander in battle in the wilderness.  In Num 13, he was one of the twelve spies to go into the land for Moses.  And he was also Moses’ assistant in the Sinai tradition (Exod 24).   As […]

The Story Behind The Bridge Outreach

Read the story below.  What’s The Bridge All About Pardon me if it’s too long.  The Bridge is really all about Jesus and what He has done on the cross.  As the name suggests, it came from a burden to see the spiritual gap between God and a lost generation bridged in Christ, and secondly […]

Adultery Statistics & Gospel Hope

“In the Old Covenant you could be put to death for adultery (Levi. 20:10). In the New Covenant, you can get divorced for adultery (Matt. 5:32, 19:9). And, if not repented of, adultery can result in eternal damnation (1 Cor. 6:9–10). All sin is equally damnable, but not all sin is equally devastating. The implications […]

The Sovereignty of the Holy Spirit

In light of the recent Strange Fire Conference, I was reminded of the simple but glorious truth that the Holy Spirit is a gift to us- that He is a person and is sovereign to do as He wills.  I highlight below what one pastor-theologian said concerning the person of the Holy Spirit, and have […]

Boasting ONLY in The Cross

“But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world” (Gal. 6:14).  There is a remedy, an anecdote for all our illnesses.  Indeed there is a Great Physician who masters in healing all our […]

Few Thoughts on Signs & Wonders Today

Here is my two cents worth, in no particular order.  In my zeal for the centrality of the Word, I concluded in an an earlier post in 2011 that: “Signs & wonders could not convert the religious leaders during Jesus’ earthly ministry.  In fact it failed to lead them to repentance, hence Jesus pronounced: “Woe […]

Emulating Godly Leaders For Jesus’ Renown!

“A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great” (Prov. 18: 16) What kind of gift would bring an ordinary man before great men?  I’ve often wondered what this verse means.  Though scholars & commentators clearly have different things to say, I can’t help but seeing this culminating in Christ.  God’s […]

Why Jesus Loves Pharisees & Why We Hate Them!

9 He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and treated others with contempt:10 “Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee, standing by himself, prayed thus: ‘God, I thank you that I am not […]

Justice Awakening by Eddie Byun {Pre: Order Your Copy}

I first met Pastor Eddie Byun at All Nations Fellowship, Nagoya, when he brought a team to Japan.   Since then I’ve visited him and the church he leads (Onnuri English Ministry) in Seoul, Korea.  I’ve personally benefited much from his sermons, his passion for justice and mercy, and his leadership.  Apart from other things, Pastor […]

Jossy Chacko | The Great Commission For All Believers

This message refreshed and challenged me greatly to act.   I humbly recommend that you watch and listen to the whole thing prayerfully.  I pray it challenges you to act, not theorize, as it has challenged me. “On February 13, 2012 at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Jossy Chacko, Founder and International […]

Redeeming Drunkenness: Be Filled With The Spirit.

Redeeming Drunkenness:  Be Filled With The Spirit. Ephesians 5: 15 “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16. making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. 17.  Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. 18. And do not get […]

I Repent For Not Having Repented Enough!

Dear God, I repent for being self-centered and selfish.  I repent of my lack of gratitude for everything you’ve given me.  I repent for always putting myself first in everything.  I repent for not sharing the resources and finances you’ve given to me as I ought– especially with those who are in desperate need.  I […]

Lausanne Global Leadership Forum 2013

  The Lausanne Movement’s first Global Leadership Forum was held in Bangalore, drawing 350 participants from over 60 nations. (Learn more) Videos from the 2013 Lausanne Global Leadership Forum sessions have been made freely available.  Please watch the videos and join in related conversation through the Lausanne Global Conversation website with Christians around the world.  […]

What Sustains Your Joy Most?

What (who) Sustains Your Joy? Looking Back.  After preaching in all 3 services, people would come and tell me how they were touched by the Holy Spirit and the Word and so on.  When God uses us it is easy to think we had something to do with it.  No.  He uses us despite us!  […]

The Wrath & Love of God

A lot of people shudder at the word “the wrath of God.”   Wrath- does not seem to fit very well with our modern cultural sentiments.   Many indeed stumble on “the wrath of God.”  I hope this post is helpful.   A.W Pink was right all along when he said: “It is sad to find […]

101 Creative Ideas to Support World Missions

A lot of people want to help advance the cause of world missions, but don’t know where to begin.  I think this post has some helpful suggestions & practical tips.  This is a re:post from Eternal Perspective Ministries.  By German Missionary Fellowship DMG Create mission awareness: Get alongside new believers, disciple them, encourage them to […]

The Great Rescue in Japan

True story:  22nd July 2013. Japan. “Yesterday (22nd July) at 09:15am, in Minami-ku, Saitama-Shi JR Minami Urawa station, a 30-year-old lady slipped into the gap between the train and the platform when boarding the Keihin Tohoku line. She was stuck at her waist. About 40 passengers, both on the platform and from the train carriage, […]

When Familiarity Kills Your Awe!

During this period of transition and preparation for our next adventure, going to corporate gatherings and worshiping hands-free, listening to other preachers, and getting back into my reading habits, has brought back the joy, peace and awe of grace.  Oh, the wonder of it all!  I know I haven’t arrived, but God’s gracious hand is […]

World Missions

Few Thoughts on Church Planting –Part 2

Few Thoughts on Church Planting –Part 2

Earlier I posted a “Few Thoughts on Church Planting.”  This is part two follow up of that post. _____________________________________________________________ Church Planting in one of the World’s most expensive cities (like Tokyo) requires: Faith. I found a great quote by the missionary George Muller, who had faith in God’s ability to provide for the orphans he […]